About Us

Welcome To Our World.


Simple & Sweet

Between bites of ice cream and reading the 4 Agreements in a small shop, Made By Mahogany, LLC was born. There the passion grew into several hours, days, and months of prayer and preparation--from learning about the benefits of various essential oils and butters to what a carrier oil was: It. Got. Deep.

2020 Vision

In January of 2020, Made By Mahogany, LLC (MBM) was fully formed and recognized. Our company is a self-care brand, focused on providing consumers with 100% natural products that not only cater to the outward appearance but also to individuals’ holistic needs. Our small batch, handmade products allows us to truly make each item with love.

M.Aking A. D.Ifference E.Veryday From Head To Toe

Our motto not only illustrates the outward impact of our products but also emphasizes the importance of taking care of the mind, heart, and soul. Each of these areas work together to create a better you, in turn making a better world.


Meet The Owner & Master Mixer

"Everybody's Got A Little Light Under The Sun" - Parliament

Confession: Growing up, I struggled with my skin and self worth--looking to find the light and love with both. After years of exploring products to combat my eczema/dry skin (and even ideas) containing chemicals and toxins, I grew frustrated with myself and the search for a glow- both inside and out. Eventually, I finally realized that everything I needed to feel that light and glow was always there--naturally.

I thank God daily for this gift - Made By Mahogany and pray often that you will feel the light--naturally while remembering that you are LOVED and are LOVE personified - Mila