Fear Of Flight

I believe we all have the ability to fly—yes fly. As whimsical and unrealistic as it sounds, it's real. Every day we make conscious decisions to either work towards our ability to fly or not. So many things work to derail our pursuit—from the perspectives of others and self, previous personal situations, and even our society’s own ignorance. Despite the world’s constant attempt to crush one’s spirit, we as individuals continue to persist and push forward—we learn to pretend the hurt isn’t there while it manifests within us…rearing its ugly head in various instances. This normalized approach only works against us.

I have faced each one of these---stalling my takeoff time and instilling a fear in me I couldn’t shake. There were moments where that fear paralyzed my progress and knocked my provision (so I thought). I cowered at the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone, tucking my talents away in the back of my mind—the most uncomfortable, comfort zone ever.

I realized later that that zone would only stifle my progress and began to look for ways to knock those crazy feelings. I found solace in talking to God-out loud, meditation, reading devotionals, journaling, dancing randomly, vision boarding (is this a term lol) and diving into my imagination.  By tapping into those things, I began to position myself for flight and things started to change—my life and my perception of self.

When in spaces where your path may seem unclear for takeoff, take a moment to tap into yourself, assess, and take a moment to just be…prepare for beautiful journey ahead.


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